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Nekked Bear Army is a communal art blog, founded in 2009 by Haibu so that he and his friends may more easily share their "arts" with your mom. Enjoy.

Nekked Bear Army is:

Alex Tingey CODENAME: Haibu
"Woot da woot" 
[Bio Coming Soon. 'til then, here's made up filler.]
Born in the backwoods of some guy named Charlie, Alex Tingey likes drawing stuff, and how.
He once stabbed a hobo in the arm and then reported the weather to a passing van. He likes fresh meat and tweezers.
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[Bio Coming Soon. 'til then, here's made up filler.]
Mr. Roth is a man of tomorrw. That isn't a typo. He espouses a healthy quest for knowledge and secretly worn garter-belts on a Tuesday.  He likes painting and illustrating in various mediums and styles.
He can be found down at the docks under the pseudonym "Jorble".
[Portfolio/personal link(s) Coming Soon]

[Quote N/A]
[Bio Coming Soon. 'til then, here's made up filler.]
Never having actually met the guy, this ghostwriter isn't sure to what extent Brian's threshold for outlandish tomfoolery will go, so we must pass on this one.
Though, word is he likes to wear lettuce as a hat (not pictured at right).
Christopher Cherrington CODENAME: crisco
"The non-fat Crisco."
[Bio Coming Soon. 'til then, here's made up filler.]
Have you ever heard of a man walking repeatedly into a wall, even after being shown the door?  Well, that has nothing to do with Chris. 
What does have to do with Chris can be found in a different short biographical statement. He does however like am'nimating stuffs.
"Of all relation to Parker."
I'm your average nerdy college kid. I like video games, action movies, webcomics, anime, Cracked.com, doodling naked girls, eating ramen, burritos, obsessing over cats, etc.
I'm an art student living in San Francisco and I absolutely love it.
"'Would it help if I got out and pushed?'"
I'm a 25-year-old girl who does the occasional thing. Has a husband, a son, and a dog. Wears leggings as pants.
"Of ambiguous relation to Jenni. We're like the White Stripes."
I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. In my spare time I hang out with friends, read, watch movies, play video games, and brush up on my illustration skills—originally in hopes of one day becoming a concept artist for video games, film, television and/or comics, but now I'm not sure… about being a concept artist, specifically, not about the arts. I still want to be all up in that.
[Portfolio/personal link(s) Coming Soon]

Reilly Jensen

I generally doodle, and mostly totally hot babeular women. I got in trouble when I was little for drawing nipples on my mermaids (and then defending their existence against 6th grade tyranny).
I also start fights at Gamestop, and, despite my red-hair charisma-bonus, have zero tact.
[Portfolio/personal link(s) Coming Soon]

Sarahjane Bernhisel
"Probably the most glorious creature to exist anywhere, ever."
I'm currently an art student studying visual development for animation in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University.
I split my time between San Francisco and Salt Lake City, but I ultimately hope to become a concept artist for an animation or video game company here in the bay area.

Honorably Discharged:

Rebecca DeMoss
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