Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Watch out! Uber Geekiness!

Here's the reason I've not been drawing anything lately, (outside of class anyway, but I'll get to that soonish.)

Behold the Dark Elves!, I do use cheap craft paints from Michaels but frankly they look like crap up close and in diffused sunlight, haha

This guy is called a Black Guard:

(More, after the jump.)

Sorceress on Cold One... not a huge fan of the model or the paint job, but this is the first one I painted after almost two years of inactivity, so nyah.


Here's some of the terrain pieces I made as well...

The base these trees stand on is really annoying in gameplay, I might replace it. LOL at the foliage popping off the branches on that one in the back =D

Work in progress. The little guy there is an Executioner hot.

It's called Warhammer, and I definitely love painting and modeling stuff more than I like playing it because I die...but it's still fun.


  1. WHOA wait, did you model all of those, too?

    Because the paintjob is awesome, too, but if you did the modeling, as well....HOTDAMN.

  2. No no no, I just paint them. The only ones I actually modeled were the wall, the trees and the skull mound thingy.

    I wish I were that talented..

  3. Haha, well, either way, the painting looks awesome. And I do dig the skull mount thingy.