Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Been Over Six Months…

…since my last post. But I promise you, I have been quite active with the blog, just behind the scenes.
Yet as satisfying as overseeing the web-design and curating the links page (among other things) has been, it's high time I actually show something up front. I post too infrequently, and I'm resolved to correct this.

Starting with showing off something I've been working on, off-and-on recently.

In December I drew this approximately 6"×6" sketch of Rebecca, based upon a photo taken back in August shortly after giving her a buzz-cut*.

Then, I digitally inked it. Yes, you read that correctly; this guy, who rarely ever colors anything (and when he does, skips right over the line-work cleanup process) inked something:
(Click to see detail)

To top it all off, I do plan on coloring this. That however hasn't really begun yet, simply do to other obligations at the moment eating up my time. But, I have redone the line-work/starting re-coloring another of my older, unfinished pieces (which I'll post here when done), so my hopes are high.

Anyway, there you are. Hopefully more frequent posts from yours truly in the future.

*I said I was going to shave my mustache off, so she threatened to shave her hair off.
I didn't end up doing it, but she decided anyway that she had never had her hair that short, and so handed me the electric razor. It took us about an hour-and-a-half to do—much longer than the montage in G.I. Jane would have one believe it takes.

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