Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hai there. I'm getting into the spirit of updating - meaning I'm going to throw down some sketches taken from my terribly crappy cellphone! WHATYOUSAY.

(More, after the jump.)

So, finals are coming up and my year of gradschool is coming to an end. It feels like that door trap in Raiders where Indy has to throw whatshisfacefromSpiderman the idol to get the whip. Yeah, I sort of feel like that, only way less cool.

It's really obvious to see my motivation level in my notebooks, because instead of taking notes these days, I just draw pictures and wish I were in a dead-end job at a comic book store, or serving bikers black coffee on state street next to American Bush. It's obvious by now that I need a lethargic summer where I spend all of my time talking to nerds (or old men).

Well, there you are, folks. I'll add more later, to be sure. Until then, you can find me on teh FB, or at the Karaoke Bar every Tuesday night crying into my Budlite and empty Jim Beam shotglasses. Keep it classy, y'all.

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