Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Much Stuff!

Here's a pretty massive update of what I've been doing recently. Stuff from Clothed Figure 1, Figure Painting, and Heads and Hands.

Here's some stuff from a few weeks ago. It's so strange to think I've improved even since then. All on 18x24 newsprint.

(More, after the jump.)

This one here was one of the many self portrait assignments I've had to do here. Worked from only a mirror.

These next few are all on 18x24 sketch paper, which is much rougher than newsprint... A lot to get used to but once I did, things turned out okay. Last week we focused a looking up at the figure and storytelling so I tried to use some imagination and change the model around a few times.

And here's yet another self portrait assignment but for my Heads and Hands class. Once again we could only work from a mirror.

And the last two are my favorites from Figure Painting lately. One of Kira in class and the other of my friend Deirdra for our midterm assignment.

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