Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eff Gradschool

I have an existential crisis about my career path pretty much every week.
To soothe my nerves and help me think, I pulled out my old prismacolors and just started drawing.

Here are some really crappy pictures of my desperate sketches. The hand study is a self portrait in poor lighting.

No, I'm not really blue.

Lara Croft is upside down in one. It's okay; she brought some rope.

But, I really miss drawing/painting. Alot. I can't figure out why the crap I went into science.

Scientists don't have outlets: which is why we have mad scientists.

Maybe eventually I'll get the hang of this business. HINT: UNLIKELY.


  1. Did you take these with a phone-cam or something, you yellowish blue-skinned mad scientist?
    Is that why I can't click to enlarge and look at them in greater detail?

  2. The dissimulation of details is part of the underlying artistic MEANING. And yes. You think a half-asser like myself has time for scanning? PFF NO.