Saturday, February 27, 2010


The workshop me and S-jizzle went to today was insane. The mood in the classroom was so uplifting and bright. Usually my classes are so serious, but I had so much fun chatting with people and drawing. The teacher is so animated too, which really helps me get in the drawing mood. I'd say 50 or so people were there. It was really amazing. I can't believe I've waited until NOW to take advantage of these free hours of drawing. And it's really cool because alumni can come back and go to workshops whenever they want. FREE MODELS FOR LIFE!

Dude, I love pens. I kind of figured out how to use ink pens without using too much line when it comes to construction... But only when they're clothed. It's so much easier to indicate volume and form when you have folds. It's an epiphany happening over here.

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Ellipses not so good on this one, I know, but I really like the lantern on the bottom. And the lady gesture. :3

And here's the best model in the world, Bob. Jungle theme with blue-jeans!

P.S. I wish you were all here in SF with us to come to workshops and have drawing parties with. All I wanna do is drawwawawwaww!