Monday, February 08, 2010

Random Stuff

This is an in-progress friend challenged me to draw myself as a Pokemon trainer with my six Pokemon, so here's just the start of that.

(More, after the jump.)

I miraculously looked like a girl yesterday, so I decided to draw it. Kind of reminds me of UPA style, if you know what that is.

Woohoo new art/character designs.


  1. Still haven't finalized a name for that squaw, huh?

  2. To Alex: Nah, I keep going back on all three. Once I post the final drawing of her I'll pick one.

    Parker: Nope, just in photoshop. I dun know how to use illustrator. I could probably give it a try...but I'm lazy.

  3. Well, I'm honestly impressed. Do more in this style. You've got something there.

  4. Well thanks kid! I think I will...I had a lot of fun doing it.